The sixth anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death.

I have always been a Michael Jackson fan from the time that I was a little girl. I didn’t grow up in the Off the Wall, Thriller or Bad eras but my mother sure did and was a fan of his. So she played his music around me and I grew to like him by listening to his music and my mother telling me whatever facts that she knew about him. Even though I grew up in the era of the child molestation trials and Michael Jackson being vilified in the media, I still loved him and his music to the point that I was a fanatic. Thus to this day, I am a huge of him and music.

Six years ago on this day, I was babysitting my little sister and was bored and flipped the channels. When I flipped over one channel, it was a news coverage of Michael Jackson’s death of cardiac arrest. I didn’t believe it at all because I remembered that there was scheduled concerts for him in the This Is It tour that Michael Jackson had announced at a events earlier that year. At the time, my thirteen year old self knew that when not everyone lived forever and that there will be a time where all of us will die but I just couldn’t believe that he would go so suddenly and so soon. He was relatively young at age fifty. All of this as a big shock to me.

My mother and little brother came home and I told them the news. They didn’t believe me at all even though they heard news of his death from the radio station she was listening to while my mother was driving. She brought home Taco Bell and groceries and we all sat down and ate tacos and taco salads from Taco Bell. None of us believe that he was dead but it took me and my family weeks to believe that Michael Jackson was truly gone. And when watching his memorial on television that year really drove me to tears especially after watching his daughter, Paris Jackson go onstage and express how much she missed her father. It is a pity that the Jackson family lost a brother, uncle, cousin, son and father.

Ever since his death, I have played his music exclusively on the date of his death June 25th and date of his birth August 29th and did more research into his life. When I did more research on his life, I learned that there was more to the “Gloved One” than black penny loafers, spandex pants and White gloves. He was a human being with flaws and also craved to be loved and accepted just like everyone else regardless of how vilified he was by the media and many others. Ultimately, I appreciate the music and contributions of Michael Jackson during his time on earth and I hope he is finally at peace.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson “Thriller” album cover

August 29th, 1958-June 25th, 2009.  RIP MJ


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