Black beauties of the summer

I have decided to post pictures of beautiful, Black women on here each season to celebrate and uplift the beauty of Black women. Black beauty is often times overlooked in the media unless the woman is light skin with Eurocentric features or biracial. Black America and many Black cultures across the world also promotes the Eurocentric standard of beauty among Black women as well(Many Black men prefer their women to be curvaceous with wide hips, tiny waist, big breasts and big buttocks.) Regardless of phenotype, hair texture and nationality, Black women will be recognized and uplifted in this post. After all, if the media promotes and celebrates White beauty, why can’t I and other Black people promote and celebrate Black beauty?


She looks like a brown Eve

Black is beautiful

images sanaa lathan


images pretty

images ciara




Kenya Moore

Black women

Teanna Taylor

natural hair style

light skin Black woman

lighter black woman

tyra banks


dark skin beauty





Picture 157

Many of the beautiful women in these pictures are celebrities and a few others are common women but it just shows the beauty and diversity of Black women’s beauty.


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