Being on My Own for the First Time

I haven’t been writing as often as I used to because I had been preparing to go away to college. I was also busy packing and moving into an apartment with roommate, taking the buses to and from school and adjusting going to college and finding my way around school. To say the least, it was hectic but I am trying to get through these first few weeks of college.

I can’t believe that I just moved into the apartment two weeks ago. Just two weeks ago, I said goodbye to my younger brother, my younger sister and mother, packed my bags and drove to another city two hours away from where I live. My mother was escorting me inside the apartment while three other people were inside bringing whatever they had inside of the rooms. And these three people became my roommates. I brought some of my stuff inside of the apartments while my mother gave me money and some advice about how to live on my own. She stayed for a few hours before she said her goodbyes and left. Even though, I hadn’t seen my mother since then, I still think about her every once in a while.

That following Monday, I started school. Learning the bus routes to go to school and to go home was exhausting for me since I didn’t have a car to go around, I didn’t have a choice. To add to that, I had to learn how to find my way around school and come to class on time as well as buy groceries, pay the bills, wash my clothes and make sure that I managed my own time. And let’s not forget assignments, tests and essays due. My first week was so exhausting and stressful for me and I was glad that my mother called me constantly to make sure that I was okay.

The next week, I learned how to adjust. As much as I hate getting up early to wait for the bus and transfer to bus to bus to go to school and then go home, I know it is necessary for me to get around. I learned how to get to class on time and where everything is in the school. Most of all, I am trying as hard as I can to stay on top of assignments since I want to do well this semester.

As for living with three roommates, I am pretty content with living in the apartment with them. The apartment is nice, well built and very comfortable to live in and I like my roommates as well. I usually stay in my room, listen to music and do some homework assignments and try to keep out of their way. However when I do see them, I try to be polite and greet them as I should.

Ultimately, I am still adjusting to being on my own because this is my first time ever doing anything on my own. And I am adjusting to this new city as well. I went to the grocery store the other day to shop for groceries and a worker there described a little person and I turned around and looked at him. However, the man went on and spoke about a five year old child. I was shocked as I paid for my food because I was used to being seen as a little girl not a young adult but then it hit me that I am an adult now not a child. After all, a nineteen going on twenty year old young woman shouldn’t ever consider herself a child but as my perception changes and I become financially independent, then I will fully see myself as a woman.


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