Michael Jackson’s birthday: My views on his Off the Wall album

I have always been a Michael Jackson fan as you can tell with another post on him a while back. Since it is August 29th, today is Michael Jackson’s birthday and if he would have lived, he would have been 57 years old. However, I have used this time to celebrate his life and listen to his music especially his album, Off the Wall.


Here is the cover of Michael Jackson’s 1979 album, Off the Wall.

Michael Jackson had solo albums prior to Off the Wall however none of them were as successful as Off the Wall. Michael Jackson teamed up with music producer, Quincy Jones to help produce and make the album. Off the Wall was released on August 10th, 1979, just weeks before his twenty first birthday. The first single released from this album was Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough, followed by Rock With You, Off the Wall and She’s Out of My Life. This was the first album by a solo artist that generated four songs that topped the Billboard chart. This album’s success generated praises from music critics and fans everywhere and Michael Jackson won three awards at the American Music Awards for the work on the album.

Personally, I believe that Off the Wall was his best album because he showed to the world that he could make it as a solo artist and that he wasn’t that little kid from the Jackson Five anymore. He showed the world that he was Michael Jackson, solo artist. And all of the songs on the Off the Wall album from Rock With You, Working Day n Night, Rock With You, Get on the Floor, Girlfriend, Burn this Disco Out, Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough, Off the Wall, I Can’t Help It, signified Michael Jackson’s musical transition and maturity.

Most of all, Michael Jackson’s later albums, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous and Invincible are also great albums as well. In fact, his album, Thriller went on to be one of the best selling albums in history. However none of these albums would have been released or even be widely accepted if Off the Wall hadn’t came first. And his music along with his music videos changed music as we know it today. Even though Michael Jackson is no longer with us, his music lives on.


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