Black Girl Assaulted At A Trump Rally: Black women need to demand reciprocation

I was surfing the internet when I came across an article about a young, Black girl being shoved around at a Donald Trump rally in Louisville, Kentucky. Reading about this really made my blood boil however it made me realize that racism is alive and well in this country. Hence the growing bigotry and hatred in this political and social atmosphere is fueling hate inspired actions such as what happened at the Trump rally in Louisville.

Here is a video of a couple of White men assaulting a Black woman  at a Trump rally


A young African American woman named Shiya Nwanguma was peacefully protesting at a Trump rally in Louisville, Kentucky. Then she found herself pushed and shoved by three, White supremacists as they called her the n word and called her a cunt. She was also injected with a syringe. A security guard had to escort this young lady out of the debacle. However Shiya Nwanguna wouldn’t forget such a traumatic experience.

Here is what Shiya Nwanguma said in her own words about her treatment at the rally:

I was called the n word and the cunt and got kicked out….They were pushing and shoving me, cursing at me, yelling at me, called me every name in the book. They’re dangerous and disgusting”.

The racially charged political atmosphere of this country is fueling these attacks by racists, bigots and other undesirable members of the American society. Many of his supporters tend to be bigots who are upset that the president of the United States is a Black man. Many of these White Americans are disgruntled by the fact that the economy didn’t recover as soon or as well as they would have liked it to. Many of these White Americans hate the fact that their financial situation is in dire straits  and are fed up with the lies told to them by the media. So these people take out their frustrations on minorities, immigrants and others that they see as inferior. Donald Trump’s bigoted views, somehow, bring these bigots comfort and solace. Donald Trump’s bigoted views on Muslims, Mexicans, women, Blacks and others who deems as inferior to him is helping fuel the growing overt racism that is becoming more common place in this country.

What does this have to do with reciprocation and Black women’s plight in society?

Shiya Nwanguma’s experience at the Trump rally represents the lack of reciprocation Black women experience in advocating for Black related causes. Black women have participated in, protested, marched and fought against racism for as long as they have been on American soil. Black women were the main culprits in moving every Black liberation movement forward in the United States. Yet Black women receive very little in return.

What many Black women don’t realize is that Black liberation movements such as Black Lives Matter wasn’t for and didn’t include Black women. Black liberation movements are only about Black men gaining the power White man has and gaining access to White women. Black women are merely foot soldiers who are used to help achieve this goal. There isn’t much focus on the issues Black women face in society. The Black collective usually overlooks the Black woman’s plight in favor of having Black women help fight Black man’s battles against racism in society. Black women also face the same racial disparities Black men face and even more if you combine sexism, classism and misogynoir with racism. Black men aren’t required to have the same obligation to focus on Black women’s plight the way Black women are required to focus on Black men’s plight. Seeing Black women march and protest against racism is common place and it makes front line news. There are barely any sights of Black men protesting for the likes of Black women who were murdered by the police such as Rekia Boyd. There aren’t many Black men protecting Black women from having to march on the front lines or be attacked by racists. There isn’t much outrage from the Black collective whenever a Black woman is hurt or harmed yet cities are burned down when the likes of Freddie Gray is gunned down by the police. Hence the lack of reciprocation from Black men and the Black collective has led to the lack of outrage over Shiya Nwanguma’s treatment at the Trump rally.

In a relationship, there should be a sense of balance, loyalty and reciprocation between two parties. Collectively speaking, there isn’t any sense of balance, loyalty or reciprocation between the Black man and Black woman. The Black woman outnumbers the Black man by two million and tend to be more economically successful than their male counterparts. The Black man relies on and demands on the Black woman to survive and keep afloat. She is the one supporting the Black males, uplifting him and fighting all of his battles. Nonetheless, Black women participating in Black Lives Matter and other Black liberation movements should start demanding reciprocation from those that they support and uplift. Or else their actions becomes meaningless and a waste of time.

Ultimately, demanding reciprocation from the people that you support and uplift is essential to upholding and maintaining a healthy relationship. It is important for Black women, who participate in such protests, to demand reciprocation from those they support. That way these Black liberation groups and movements can promote true Black unity. Hence I believe that Shiya Nwanguma’s assault at Trump’s rally in Louisville represented ingrained racism in the minds of many Americans and the lack of reciprocation Black women experience in the Black collective in relation to their plight.



2 thoughts on “Black Girl Assaulted At A Trump Rally: Black women need to demand reciprocation

  1. I’m tired of hearing about herr t in the media. He’s a fool, he is not qualified to be president and he is not going to win. If by some very very bizarre twist of fate he does win, I’m leaving the country. Seriously.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I doubt he would win but you never know. There is a large segment of growing White supremacist, angst ridden White Americans who will stop at nothing to getting a White person back in the White House. I know because I actually live around such people and know their mindsets.

      I have decided on voting for Hillary for president for this election. I think she will get the Democratic nomination and has a good chance of winning the election.


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