Why Hillary Clinton’s appearance at Black Girls Rock wasn’t necessary?

Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton’s appearance at the annual televised event, Black Girls Rock stirred up many conversations about the authenticity of her choosing to attend the event in many Black orientated circles. Some people believe that she truly wanted to help celebrate and uplift Black women and their achievements while others believed her attendance was due to self serving reasons. Either way, Hillary Clinton’s appearance at Black Girls Rock  wasn’t necessary and was a futile attempt to cater to and get Black women to support and vote for her in this election.

Here is a perspective of another Black woman’s view on Hillary Clinton’s appearance at Black Girls Rock. 


Black Girls Rock is a televised event where Black women’s accomplishments and achievements are recognized and celebrated. This show airs on BET(Black Entertainment Television) every Spring. Many people, particularly many non Blacks, believe that shows like Black Girls Rock are racist because it caters to uplifting Black women’s beauty and accomplishments. I believe that Black Girls Rock is necessary because Black women need their own spaces where they can discuss issues and things that affect them and uplift themselves in a racist, anti Black society. The purpose of Black Girls Rock isn’t to marginalize non Black women or men but celebrate Black womanhood. However, Hillary Clinton’s appearance at Black Girls Rock defeats the purpose of the whole event and only promotes this woman’s agenda to get Black women to vote for her.

What will Hillary Clinton’s policies do to advance Black women’s plight in society?

Personally, I don’t believe that Hillary Clinton’s policies would benefit or advance the average Black woman or person. Her husband passed many bills that helped destroy the Black collective. Among them was the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. In fact, her husband, former president Bill Clinton passed this legislation in 1994 that led to the mass incarceration of Black men due to wanting to ”lock down” on drug related offenses. This bill was detrimental because it allowed the police to crack down on as many African Americans that they suspect are engaging in drug related activity and tripled the rate of Black incarceration. It also created many new federal capital crimes, mandated life sentences to three time offenders and created the expansion of the prison system in this country. When Bill Clinton left office in 2001, America had the highest rate of incarceration in the world. Since many Black men were in jail, the unemployment rate of Black youth in increased and many Black women were left without suitors and mates to choose from. If her husband, former president Bill Clinton passed legislation after legislation that harmed African Americans, why should any Black woman believe that Hillary would be any different?

What does Hillary have to do with this? Many people say that it isn’t fair to include and marginalize Hillary Clinton for the things her husband, former president, Bill Clinton did while he was in office. But Hillary Clinton has also backed and supported many of her husband’s policies that has helped  dismantle the Black collective.Well, Hillary was video taped calling Black youth, ”super predators” without a ”conscious” in one of her speeches in the 1990s.  Why in the world would any Black woman support a woman who called Black youth ”super predators”?

Here is the video of Hillary Clinton called Black youth, ”super predators” in a 1996 speech


Ironically, Hillary Clinton’s appearance at Black Girls Rock is a stark contradiction to the woman in the video who called Black youth, ”super predators”. If any Black woman plans on voting for Hillary in this upcoming election, I don’t begrudge her decision to do so. However, has any Black woman asked themselves this: what will Hillary Clinton’s (potential) presidency do to advance the plight of Black women and the Black collective, at large?


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