Not Every Black Woman is My Sister: The Azealia Banks and Skai Jackson Debacle



It is ideal for one to be loyal to and defend one’s race and culture. Even though there is division and controversy among every race and culture, most people stick together for the cause of a greater good. However, the behavior that I am seeing among many Black women shows me that one can’t call every Black woman that we interact with a ”Sista”. Hence it is important that one to vet and assess the character of a person before truly deciding to befriend or interact with them.

When the beginning of this semester began, I took public transportation to school and back to my apartment Monday through Thursdays. I don’t attend school on Fridays. It was a Black woman who drove the last bus that I took in the mornings, that brought me to my campus. I didn’t have any problems with her then. I would have never suspected that there would be any problems with taking the bus to school. Then I noticed her mean mugging me and cutting her eyes after me. I didn’t even do anything to her at all. She even refused to stop at the campus when the stop came up. I had to tell her that this is my school and I needed to get off. She stopped only to kiss her teeth at me when I walked off. I had to take another bus route to avoid this woman and I filed a complaint against this bus driver. I didn’t take that bus route again until I saw a different, Black woman driving. Nonetheless, I didn’t have any problems with this particular Black woman driving this bus route however I learned a valuable lesson: Not every Black woman is my ”sister”.

What does this have to do with the Azealia Banks and Skai Jackson debacle?

Azealia Banks, a Harlem born rapper, is better known for her rants on Twitter and starting messy feuds with other celebrities. She is notorious for feuding with another female rapper, Iggy Azalea about cultural appropriation and how it affects the promotion of Hip Hop artists. While Azealia Banks has proven herself to be accurate about the many raging social issues in our society, many of her irrational Twitter rants and feuds has cost her respect and lack of recognition for her artistry and music. Hence I wasn’t shocked when I read about Azealia Banks’ racist tweets to former One Direction member, Zayn Malik and her continued attacks on Disney Channel star, Skai Jackson.

Azealia Banks, Harlem born rapper

azealia banks

Zayn Malik, former One Direction member



Skai Jackson, fourteen year old, Disney Channel star


The Twitter feud between Azealia Banks and Zayn Malik started when she accused Zayn of copying some of her work for his latest video, Like I Would. She pointed out the similarities between certain elements of her work and his work in his music video. However, Azealia Banks expressed not being ”mad” and called him a ”cutie pie”. But the reactions from her followers were different from her reaction.

Here are the tweet below:




Here is Zayn’s response:


Here is her response to Zayn:


Here is Zayn’s response to her bigoted remarks towards him:




The worst is yet to come. I was disgusted to read the tweets that she left to Zayn even though I am not a fan of him or his music. Such bigoted remarks make her look bad and leaves people with a negative perception of you. But what really and truly sickens me is her tweets to fourteen year old, Disney Channel star, Skai Jackson. One would have thought that she would have been more cordial to Skai Jackson considering the fact that she is a Black woman. She was once a fourteen year old Black girl. But her rants towards Skai Jackson due to Skai Jackson’s defense of Zayn was uncalled and highly inappropriate.

Here is Azealia Banks’ exchange with Skai Jackson

SKAI JACKSON'S TWEET TO AZEALIA BANKS azealia banks skai jackson tweet 3





The most disturbing thing about this exchange is due to the fact that she body shamed a fourteen year old, Black girl. Telling her to ”get menses” and grow some hips is absolutely disgusting to become an Instragram ”thot”. It is bad enough that young girls grow up hating their bodies because they are shamed for not fitting an unrealistic ideal of how their body is supposed to look. However, it is worse coming from another woman in your ethnic group to shame another girl’s body like that. Fortunately, Skai Jackson hit back at Azealia Banks’ disgusting tweets to her. Skai Jackson received an enormous amount of praise from colleagues and celebrities alike while Azealia Banks received media backlash. As a result, Azealia Banks was dropped from performing at London’s Rinse FM’s Born & Bred Festival and her Twitter account was suspended. Ultimately, she apologized to Zayn Malik for hurling racist and homophobic comments at him:


Although she apologized about her comments to Zayn Malik, Azealia Banks is still picking on Skai Jackson on Instragram. There has been reports that she has been looking through pictures of Skai Jackson and edited them to make her look worse than she is. Or she would write a nasty comment berating Skai Jackson in pictures that include her. The fact that Skai Jackson is a beautiful, young talented African American girl with a career ahead of her intimidates Azealia Banks. Azealia Banks is frustrated that her career isn’t going anywhere and that she is only known for making Twitter rants against gays and other celebrities. Thus the reason why Azealia Banks continues to attack Skai Jackson because she is threatened by a confident, beautiful and successful Black girl, who wouldn’t compromise her moral integrity to get ahead.

Jealousy, bickering and backbiting is prevalent among women of any race, culture and social class. As a Black woman, I have experienced mistreatment and backbiting from women of all races especially other Black woman. However, I felt that it more Black women stuck together that much of the problems that we face in society will go away. But my bad experience with that bus driver and being talked about in BWE ie Black Woman’s Empowerment spaces showed me something completely different. From my experiences, I learned that a good majority of Black women just aren’t for the empowerment and sisterhood of Black woman. Hence, I believe that an individual should be evaluated for friendship and companionship by seeing if the person is an ally and there for you when times get rough.



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