Orlando Massacre and the destructive, political atmosphere of this country

America’s political atmosphere is growing more and more toxic. Racist, bigoted, Islamophobic, xenophobe, Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party. The capitalistic, pragmatic Hillary Clinton is the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party. Hatred, bigotry, homophobia, racism, classism and xenophobia runs amok in society. Worst of all, a shooting massacre in Orlando that killed fifty people including the shooter, Omar Mateen And the increase of terrorism and violence signifies the growing, polarized and violent atmosphere of this country.

The Republican National Convention became one of the most reported yet controversial topics of the day. Republican candidate, Donald Trump finally secured the Republican nomination and brought his wife, Melania Trump, his daughters, Ivanka and Tiffany Trump and his son, Eric Trump to give their speeches promoting Donald Trump as the ultimate candidate of choice for the presidency. Melania Trump’s speech gained prominence only because her speech plagiarized from First Lady, Michelle Obama’s speech that she gave when her husband, President Obama won the 2008 presidential election. Trump’s campaign manager denied claims that Melania took anything from Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech. While people brushed aside the Melania Trump plagiarizing controversy, senator, Ted Cruz’ speech also gained attention in the media. Ted Cruz is a senator that ran against Donald Trump in this election but dropped out when it was apparent that he wasn’t going to win the Republican nomination. Anyhow, the main highlight of his speech was that he said that voters should vote ”with their conscious” but the audience didn’t heed his command and booed Ted Cruz off the stage. Otherwise, the Republican National Convention wasn’t as brutally violent or divisive that I would have thought it would be.

Here is a video of Ted Cruz’ speech at the Republican National Convention:

By my own admission, neither Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are qualified to be elected the president of the United States. I am disgusted by Trump’s pompous and arrogant display of self, irrational rants on Muslims and Hispanics(though I am neither Muslim or Hispanic), his racially insensitive and xenophobic views on immigration, and his blatant appeal to a segment of economically devastated yet frustrated, angry, racist, xenophobic, fearful and Islamophobic White Americans. He has never presented a plan to improve the infrastructure, educational and healthcare systems, economy or political atmosphere of this country. Trump doesn’t present or have solutions; he only incites and feeds into the fears of hatred in the hearts of many of those in the Republican base. My reasoning why I don’t want or believe that Donald Trump is qualified to become the leader of the free world.

Though the Democratic National Convention has yet to happen, I also believe that Hillary Clinton is not a good candidate for this country. Her participation and covering up of war crimes, support of globalization and shipping jobs overseas and letting four American journalists be killed in Benghazi along with supporting the 1994 Crime Bill that contributed to the imprisonment of millions of Black men for non violent offenses shows me that Hillary Clinton is detrimental to the country’s development. Why in the world should I vote for a politician who has played a destructive role in shaping America’s and global politics? She even covered up for her husband, Bill Clinton’s crimes in raping and running after numerous women behind her back. If you don’t believe me, look up Juanita Broaddick, a rape victim of Bill Clinton and how Hillary tried to silence this woman. Worst of all, many Black Americans insist on voting for Hillary Clinton because they believe that she is the only alternate to having Donald Trump as president of the United States. While their concerns are valid, voting for the lesser of the two evils is still voting for evil, continued lies and corruption from the government.

The complicated election process also correlates with the violent and politically polarized world out there. Last month, there was a deadly shooting in Orlando, which was the most deadly shooting in American history since Wounded Knee in the nineteenth century. Forty nine people including the gun man were killed while others are in the hospital fighting for their lives. The Orlando Massacre was the topic of discussion among many Americans for weeks. The news of fifty people including the shooter, Omar Mateen shot and killed in the Orlando gay nightclub, Pulse hit home for me. I live an hour and a half away from Orlando and my cousin goes to college there so it made me worry for her safety. Luckily, she is okay but what happened there was very mind boggling for me. Reports show that Omar Mateen was a radicalized young man that was investigated by the FBI for years. Mateen was a known homophobe that frequented the same nightclub that he shot up. The wife of his Omar Mateen knew her husband’s plans to shoot up the gay bar but her claims are still being investigated by the police. However the main culprit for the whole scenario was due to the deceased gun man being radicalized by the homophobia, which was influenced by Islamist, extremist groups. According to one of the witnesses at the Pulse Nightclub shootings, Omar Mateen did pledge allegiance to ISIS(Islamic terrorist group) before he was caught and killed by the police. Unfortunately, the attack at the Pulse Nightclub isn’t the only and latest attack, that is making headline news.

Here is a video of a woman telling her story of what happened at the Pulse Nightclub:

Recent events such as the shooting in San Bernadino, California, increased violence in predominately Black cities such as Chicago and Detriot and another violent attack in Baton Rouge, Louisiana has got my head spinning. If it isn’t the increasing violent and polarizing country that has been worried about my safety then it is the street harassment, sexism and violence in the Black collective that keeps me on guard. America is becoming more like a violent, third world country that many of it’s immigrants came from their countries to escape. Worst of all, America is politically polarized, racially divided and economically stagnant to the point that I have considered moving out of this country.

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How did ISIS radicalize the Orlando shooter?


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