Leslie Jones and Misogynoir

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Singer and performer, Katy Perry described the hatred Leslie Jones faced through Twitter as ”racist, hate filled misogynoir”. Misogynoir is an intersection of racism and sexism that exclusively targets Black women. As Black women progress and succeed in many arenas of society, misogynoir is becoming  big issue that many Black women face and needs to be discussed. This incident showed that Leslie Jones isn’t immune from facing racism and misogynoir that everyday Black women face.

This summer was a dreadful time for Leslie Jones. The movie she starred in, Ghostbusters was released and the responses from racist trolls on Twitter escalated. It became so bad that Leslie Jones had to speak out against them attacking her looks and calling her a gorilla. It turns out that Breitbart writer, Milo Yiannopoulos was the one who initiated the whole incident on Twitter. Fortunately, Yiannopoulos was banned from Twitter due to his antics but he refused to apologize for his actions. Though I despise the way she portrays Black women’s stereotypes on Saturday Night Live episodes, I don’t believe that she deserves to be slammed by racist White men online like that.

Here are the disgusting tweets from racists and her response:

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Fortunately, she had a few celebrities come to her aide. Among them, singer, Katy Perry. I was surprised when I read that she described what happened to Leslie Jones as ”racist, hate filled misogynoir”. I would have never guessed that a White woman would know anything about the term misogynoir and what it means. But it is good that another woman stood up for another woman. Solidarity between women regardless of race is what must be practiced, celebrated and promoted because it is important to women to realize that it is best to stand by another woman instead of putting her down.

Even a few Black males made a hashtag, BlackMenSupportLeslieJones defending her on Twitter. I never expected them to even respond to this incident much less make a hashtag about it. Collectively speaking, Black males do not care about Black women. I have never seen a Black male defend Black women against being verbally, emotionally and physically attacked. To see this hashtag is refreshing but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. It isn’t any use to praise men for doing the simplest things while holding women to a much higher standard in behavior and conduct. Plus Black males need to do more for their women and children than just making silly hashtags on Twitter defending a Black female celebrity from racist trolls online.

Leslie Jones’ fame and wealth can’t protect her from the ravages of misogynoir and it’s effects on Black women. Misoynoir is a problem that need to be addressed and find solutions to avoiding when it comes to interactions with Black women. While we try to find solutions to solving the issue of misogynoir, I believe that women need to come together to tackle and solve issues that affect them regardless of their race.


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