My Views on the Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Even though September 26th was a school night, I decided to stay up to watch the first presidential debate. I had been looking forward to watching this political debate because I wanted to see debate between presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The real reason why I wanted to see this debate was because I wanted to hear whatever solutions to the problems facing our country that either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump would speak about. Though I found the debate interesting and rather lively, I was left leaning slightly more towards Hillary Clinton’s favor despite whatever contempt I had for her past wrongdoings.

Here is the video of the whole debate:


From reading my previous posts, one can tell that I am quite critical of Hillary Clinton’s record and past wrongdoings. However, I do believe that she would be a better alternate to having Donald Trump as a president. I can’t imagine having Donald Trump as a president because his temperament and arrogance will make it hard for him to negotiate with foreign leaders. Plus I would find it hard for him to get through to Congressmen or work with them to pass bills and legislature to help better the state of this country. Though I am not the biggest fan of Hillary Clinton, I would much rather have her become president of this country because she is more qualified for the job than Donald Trump is. Fortunately, the performance of Hillary Clinton brought her numbers up in the polls but can she convince the undecided voters to vote for her in November? Only time will tell.


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