Donald Trump wins the election: What could this mean for the country?

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After the third debate and weeks leading up to election day, I was anticipating on whether or not Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will win the election. I had already voted through email and was wanting to see if the country will vote for the right candidate for the presidency. Last night, I was looking through media coverage to see which candidate was winning which state and gaining electoral votes but I didn’t anticipate on Donald Trump winning the election by a landslide.

Yesterday was like any other day for me. I don’t attend school on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I don’t have classes on those days. I usually spent time with a friend or so. Anyways, I spent time with my friend and then went back home to study for a test, that was going to be tomorrow. I was also looking up coverage of the election. So far, I noticed that Donald Trump was ahead of Hillary Clinton in electoral votes. But I didn’t think much of it because I thought Hillary would pull through and defeat Donald Trump. When my mother came home, I told her what was going on but we both thought that Hillary would still win. However, as the election progressed, it became obvious that Trump will win. I became so disheartened because I knew that him winning the election will become inevitable. So I tried to go to sleep but I couldn’t sleep. I was laying in my bed, in a half   awake half asleep daze until I finally woke up. My mother told me that Donald Trump won. Deep down, I knew that he won the election last night.

As I got ready for school, a wide range of emotions circulated in my mind. I was disgusted that Donald Trump won the election. At the same time, I was perplexed that this man won this election in such a huge landslide. But I also felt that the Democratic base should have done a better job trying to reach out to Millennials and minority voters. If more Millennials and minority voters came out to vote, Trump wouldn’t be president-elect right now. If Hillary Clinton was as technical savvy and charismatic, she would have won the election. Maybe, his victory is for the best. Who knows? All of these thoughts raced through my mind as I went to home as my mother  drove to work.

What does Donald Trump’s victory mean for America?

His victory signifies White America’s  happiness that America is returning ”back to normal”. To them, ”back to normal” is having a White male back in the White House. Many White Americans hated the fact that a biracial, well Black man by the name of Barack Obama was president for two terms. Many senators and Congressman in the Republican party obstructed Obama’s policies from ever being implemented into law. All of this time, the GOP has been trying to find a candidate to defeat Obama or repeal his policies. Here is where business man, Donald Trump comes in the picture. Donald Trump was the one who started the whole Birther movement in the media that proposed that President Obama wasn’t born in America. So it wasn’t a surprise that Donald Trump ran for president on the Republican ticket this election because this was a party that was looking for a candidate to defeat Obama and repeal everything he put into place. Donald Trump’s presidency is a victory for many White Americans especially the working class White Americans, who tend to vote Republican.

Truthfully, Donald Trump’s victory plays into the anti immigration dissent of many people of European descent in America, European nations and Australia. Many of these people have been disgruntled about the fact that many immigrants especially immigrants from Latin American countries like Mexico were coming here over illegally and taking away their jobs. The debate over allowing Syrian refugees into the country was another controversy that irked many White people living in America and other predominately White populated countries . Their reasoning for being against immigration is to protect their borders and not allow immigrants come here and take their jobs and resources. Often times, these people come here illegally or are undocumented. Earlier this year, Great Britain voted to leave the European Union, which is now called Brexit. Donald Trump played into this dissent by using his words and speeches to appeal to the mindsets of these people. Trump was quoted saying that illegal Mexican immigrants were rapists and criminals. He said this in an effort to justify why he believed that America should build a wall between American and Mexican border. This statement caused a lot of controversy and dissent among many people in the public. Trump stated in one of his speeches that he wanted Muslims banned from entering the country. Another major fail. However, a segment of White voters in the Republican base have felt like Donald Trump’s message resonated with them. The growing anti immigration and xenophobic statements played in role in helping elect Donald Trump. One would best believe that if Donald Trump actually does become president that he will try his best to deny certain people entry into entering the United States.

Along with helping incite and reinforce racism and anti immigration/xenophobic sentiments, some of Donald Trump’s policies will implement much disaster to come. When I did my research on his economic policies, I was quite pleased. From what I read, he wanted to cut taxes for people of a certain tax bracket and limit the amount of government. Personally, I believe in smaller government and less taxes however many economic experts have stated that a Trump’s economic policies will cause a recession. Millions of jobs will either be lost or shipped overseas and the stock market will crash. In a few years, one will see America come to it’s needs economically as more people lose their jobs and companies lose stock. It makes one wonder if the average American is prepared for another major economic recession.

The Republican Party also controls the House and the Senate. With so many Republican senators in the House and Senate, it is much easier for Donald Trump to implement his policies. To have Republicans implement policies such as cutting social programs like Medicaid, Medicare and Welfare, privatize education and healthcare and appointing Supreme Court Justices who will undo progress made in the LGBT Community, women’s rights and Civil Rights for African Americans and other minorities, is disastrous to our country’s welfare. Retirees wouldn’t have income to retire on or live off of if Social Security is cut. Gay marriage rule might be abolished along with abolishing gay couples the right to adopt children. Women’s reproductive rights will be attacked in a way that women will find themselves having limited access to adequate birth control alternatives. And the rights of minorities especially African Americans will be undermined.  Such policies are a possibility now that Donald Trump is elected president and will be inaugurated president this upcoming January.

Ultimately, I believe that a Donald Trump presidency will regress America economically and politically. He and the GOP will work hard to implement policies that ardently attack the rights of people from low income backgrounds, minorities, women, gays and Muslims. I also predict an economic recession, more racial tension, increased xenophobia and anti immigrant feelings, political uprisings and national discontent among the American people. Though much of America voted for Donald Trump to be president of the United States, it is important to stop and think about the consequences of electing a political leader of the free world.














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