How women particularly Black women can do to survive Trump’s presidency?

As millions of people across the country, I was devastated when I heard that Donald Trump won the presidential election. Hearing about it made me fearful for the future of this country. It also made me think about how a Trump presidency and GOP Senate and House will destroy this country. However I am realizing that it is best to go on with my life despite the fact that Donald Trump is president elect and will be inaugurated. Though I am disgusted by the results of the election, I believe that there are ways for women especially Black women can do to survive his presidency.

In my last post, I predicted that Donald Trump’s presidency will have more Conservatives and radical right wing people enlisted to high positions in our government. So far, Trump has appointed Breitbart News Executive chairman and White Nationalist, Steve Bannon to senior staff member in the White House. Many of these senators will pass legislations that limit the freedom that women have in choosing what goes on in their bodies. Or cut social programs such as Medicaid. Needless to say, I have been proven to be correct. Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan has hinted on privatizing Medicare as a way to help repeal Obamacare. If Medicare is cut or privatized, what will happen to the livelihood of elderly people who depend on Medicare? Privatizing Medicare will only give corporations more incentive to make more money while people suffer in the process. Cutting Obamacare will only leave more people uninsured for healthcare. And uninsured people are much less likely to receive healthcare coverage or assistance if they fall ill. Many working class elderly people, who voted for Trump will suffer if Medicare is cut or privatized. For elderly Black women, it is even worse. I believe that if all of this comes to pass, many people will lose a source of income and security to survive on.

Women’s rights are under attack as well. Donald Trump and his family were interviewed on  special on 60 Minutes recently. What was discussed in the  special was the issues affecting the country and what he wants to do to solve them. Trump even gave lip service to his supporters to stop harassing minorities. Then topic of Roe v. Wade and women’s rights came up and Trump vowed to have stricter restrictions on abortion. But he was told that the issue has been settled despite him wanting to overturn Roe v. Wade. Roe v. Wade is a law that was enacted in 1973 that allowed women to have the right to choose whether or not they want to abort their fetus. If Donald Trump appoints a supreme court justice that succeeds in overturning Roe v. Wade, best believe that women’s access to reproductive health will falter.

There are plenty of people protesting Donald Trump’s presidency. I believe these people have a right to protest but I believe it is counterproductive. What will protesting do to stop Donald Trump from being inaugurated in January of 2017? Nothing. Instead, why not participate in the upcoming 2018 mid term elections to elect Democratic senators in the House and Senate to help deter the damage a Trump presidency will have on the country? Plus speaking about politics publicly can cause controversy and even fighting among others as evidence of a man punching a woman in a Brooklyn restaurant over a disagreement about Donald Trump. There has been incidents of women and members of minority groups being harassed by racists and hecklers being reported and talked about across social media in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory. In fact, I believe that the slogan, Make America Great Again is basically Make America White Again, which means making economic, social and political opportunities more accesible to Whites much to the detriment of minorities.






In fact, a senator in Tennessee named Rick Tyler caused controversy for putting this billboards up there because he explicitly said what Trump was trying to contrive. Yet the real person, who is at the heart of all of this, is allowed to become president without much consequences to his involvement of the deterioation of this country’s racial, political and social relations.

What can women especially Black women do to survive Donald Trump’s impending presidency?

I believe that more women particularly Black women need to learn to be more self proficient in looking after and taking care of one’s own needs and interests. All of this marching and protesting for slain Black males and refusing to look after our own needs is what keeps us in a rut. This starts by putting one self first. Once one puts one self first, more women particularly Black women will learn ways to survive in an economically and politically polarized world.

I firmly believe that once Trump’s presidency intensifies, Republican senators will ensure that social safety nets like Medicare and Medicaid are cut. Once these programs are cut or privatized, what are the elderly, poor, women, minorities and the working class going to do to survive? I believe that women should find another job or income stream to support themselves or families, if they are married or have children. Once more people find multiple income streams to help themselves out financially, I suggest saving of that money to build up a retirement pension or money for emergency happenings. That way, once Social Security or Medicare is cut, one can still have some savings in pensions to live off in old age. Or if something drastic happenings, one has money to pay for expenses that comes with such situations.In a way, the less access to these programs will open people’s eyes about self efficiency and ways to survive on their own.

I also suggest storing up food, water and other materials because I see a food shortage in the future due to the droughts and wildfires in the Southern states such as Tennesse, mid Western states and California. The deregulation of many of the important departments in our country along with privatizing grocery stores will make  food less accessible to people. Especially for working class, Black and Hispanic women, who already have less access to adequate food than their Caucasian counterparts. Storing up food and water in case of an emergency will help those people survive a drought or food shortage that is to come in the future. I even suggest learning how to plant crops, go fishing and hunt for food if one lives near the wilderness or forest. Or store up the amount of can food, meats and water needed to survive this upcoming food shortage and economic collaspe. People will be better off trying to find ways to attain food once they can get around this deterioating system and learn how to do for self.

In the interview on 60 Minutes, president elect, Donald Trump hinted at repealing Roe v. Wade if he becomes president. But he was told that the issue of abortion and women’s rights was ”settled”. Trump and the Republicans will do the best that they can to repeal Roe v. Wade and other initiatives put in place to protect the health and livelihood of women. Once Planned Parenthood is completely defunded, women will have less access to birth control, receiving mammograms and pap smears. Women will either have to find alternative methods to have access to birth control, perform abortions in the back alley and die or will be forced to give birth to children that they don’t want. The results of the attack on women’s reproductive health will have a disastrous effect on women but women can find a way to cope. More women will have to withhold child bearing and rearing until one is established in their career and has the emotional, mental and physical components needed to raise a child. Or more of them may have to avoid childbirth altogether and focus on keeping their health in check in order to survive. Unfortunately, I see more incidents of back alley abortions increasing, more women giving birth to women that they don’t want and increased rates of STDs, breast cancer and other diseases happening if Planned Parenthood is defunded and if Roe v. Wade is repealed.

Due to the political and racial unrest, I suggest getting a license to own a gun so that a woman can protect herself if anyone tries to harm her.  Getting a license to own a gun will help keep women safe and make sure that others wouldn’t try to insert themselves in their space without notice. So if someone does insert him or herself in this woman’s space and harms her, she can shoot him to protect himself. Trust me, there will be more acts of violence and protesting from crazies on both ides of the political spectrum-Left and Right. Or more violent acts from gang bangers and criminals in lower incomer areas. So it is best to protect one self and own a gun, just in case.

Last but not least, I highly suggest being silent and neutral when it comes to conversation about politics in public. No one wants to risk losing their job or occupation due to a political outburst. All of the marching and protesting and political hashtags on social media will not save anyone from what is to come next. Hence why I believe that it is best for more women to be stragetic when it comes to living in an increasing racially and politically polarized nation, that is growing more and more divided.










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