The Day of Reckoning Has Come: Black women’s preoccupation with faux racial loyalty

My friend and I were discussing the changing political landscape of not only America but European countries like Great Britain. We were discussing how several police men were found either dead or injured across the nation recently. It made me think about all of the Black women marching and protesting for slain Black males like Freddie Gray and how there aren’t any marches for slain Black women like Korryn Gaines. Much of Black women’s labor into Black males’ causes has gone unrewarded and overlooked. How much longer do these women have to march and protest to realize that it doesn’t benefit them? Now with Donald Trump as president elect, the day of reckoning has come but will the Black female collective survive what is to come?

As much as I am passionate about social justice and achieving equality for all, I don’t believe that Black orientated organizations and movements are of much benefit to Black women.  All of them are centered on the needs and interests of Black males much to the detriment of Black women. Unfortunately, Black Lives Matter isn’t an exception to this rule. Black women are told to ”sacrifice for the greater good” of ”da community” and ”build together” but without much reciprocation on the Black males’ part. I see Black women marching, protesting and speaking out on the behalf of slain, Black males like Michael Brown, Freddie Gray and Alton Sterling but I have never seen Black males march for Aiyanna Stanley Jones or Sandra Bland. Often times, Black males ridicule and put down Black women to their friends, significant others and even online especially on Youtube. There an article I read about a pregnant woman, who was in the car with her fiancee, was hit by a bullet from the police in the car in a Ferguson riot in 2014. I was so disgusted. Why in the world do I want to lose my eye or my life over ”da struggle”? Especially a struggle that doesn’t have any benefit to me whatsoever.

Here is an image of a woman, Dornella Corner, who lost her eye in a riot in Ferguson:

Blinded: Dornella Conner (seen in hospital) was reportedly being driven away by her boyfriend, De'Angelas Lee, from a gas station in Ferguson, St Louis, when an officer fired a 'bean bag' round at their vehicle

Her, before the incident:

Before the shooting: The mother-of-two, who is around 12 weeks' pregnant, was taken to hospital with severe injuries to her left eye. Despite medics' best efforts, she was left blinded, with blurry vision in her right eye

Recently, the FBI has recognized Black Lives Matter Movement as a terrorist group. Many citizens especially middle class to working class White workers were alarmed and rather disturbed by hoardes of protestors blocking roadways and marching around cities. Many of them saw protestors as trouble makers, stirring up racism and division in the country. Now that the movement is characterized as a terrorist group, best believe that if more Black women march, protest and align themselves with this movement, our lives will be perpetually be scrutinized and put in danger. Being aligned with  movement that was declared a terrorist group will be very risky for the livelihood of the Black woman that associate themselves with it.



Image result for black lives matter protesters

How does Donald Trump presidency play a role in this ”day of reckoning” for Black female collective?

Donald Trump’s election was a big wake call for Black Americans especially Black women and Black women living in European countries. His election represents the growing fascist and radical right wing rule taking over the Western world due to aghast over the economy and anti immigration and nationalist sentiments taking over the minds of White people. His election showed Black women that White America refuses to atone for their role in the dehumanization and mistreatment of Black people and that it wants to continue racially profiling Black males. Worst of all, these GOP senators that Trump will appoint to position in government will privatize programs such as Social Security, Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid and give ”law and order” to the nation.

Though privatizing such programs will have a disastrous effect on Black women, who use them, ”law and order” is something Donald Trump said in the first presidential debate when asked about racial profiling. What he means by ”law and order” is rounding up all of the Black and Hispanic criminals along with Black Lives Matters protestors and imprisoning them for causing ”disturbance” and ”mishap” in the country. Many Americans want more police to start cracking down on these Black Lives Matter protestors and maintain ”law and order” for middle class White Americans and minorities, who wish to see America clear of these protests. Best believe that once the Conservative government and police cracks down on these protests, more Black women, who are aligned with the movement, will find themselves under scrutiny or even attacked by the police. It is dangerous for Black women to go around thinking that they can participate in such movements and not face reprisal or reaction from White America or even other minorities. Once these women are arrested for participating in these protests, their record will be tainted by an arrest or confrontation with the police. Black women already have a hard time, finding work but a Black woman with a jail record will have an extremely hard time finding adequate employment. Worst, they will have less access to resources for themselves and descendants if they have a jail record. Some of them can even be outed as terrorists and radicalized for their involvement in these protests. So ”law and order” coming back to this country will come back in expense to the livelihood and safety of Black women and their children, who are actively involved in movements like Black Lives Matter.

Republican senator, Paul Ryan has hinted in privatizing Medicare. Many elderly Black women rely on Medicare as a source of income and it will hurt their livelihood if it was cut. If Medicare is cut, then other social programs such as welfare will be next in line to be cut as well. A segment of Black women, like everyone else, rely on these programs to survive and thrive. Many people including other Black women wouldn’t have any source of income to live off of once these programs are cut. If Black women find other income streams to survive, then more will find other sources of income to survive off of.

By far the most controversial topic is women’s reproductive rights. Donald Trump hinted at wanting to overturn Roe v. Wade despite being told that the issue of women’s reproductive rights has been settled. I predict that the government will do the best of it’s ability to continue defunding Planned Parenthood. This limits women’s access to adequate method of birth control, pap smears and regular mammogram checks. Though there are many other clinics that do have birth control available for women, Planned Parenthood is one of the biggest healthcare providers of women’s health in the nation. To see it be dismantled would led the way for senators in the Supreme Court to try and overturn Roe v. Wade. Overturning Roe v. Wade will make abortion illegal and limit women’s choices in what they want to do with their body. Unfortunately, all of this will have a disastrous effect on women of all races particularly Black women. Black women in America have an out of wedlock birth rate of 72 percent and having less access to birth control and other intiatives to prevent pregnancy, prevent contacting STDs and other diseases will worsen their condition. Less access to birth control will only increase the rates of pregnancy among Black women and other races of women, who happen to be of lower income brackets. And whatever Black woman births is deemed deviant and the cause of all of the social problems in the Black collective because many people believe that Black mothers are recklessly birthing bastard babies and criminals, who will grow up to become a leech on society. Of course, this type of mindset absolves the responsibility of generational poverty and systematic racism in the maintaininig the prevalency of such social practices.

I can also see more police presence being implemented in Black and Hispanic communities once a protest or march breaks out. Having the likes of Steve Bannon in the White House will try to enforce police men and FBI to use dangerous weapons to try to ”civilize” and ”bring them to heel”. I see a huge crackdown on Black males running around, causing crime in thee neighborhoods and being imprisoned or even killed by the police. There are some upsides to this because it will help the likes of Black male pedophiles and criminals off the streets. On the downside, innocent Black males might be racially profiled or even confused for the criminals. In a way, I do believe more policing of Black neighborhoods will create a safer atmosphere for Black women and children to grow up in because criminals and gangsters will be targetted and put in jail for their deeds.

As a twenty one college student, who doesn’t have any children, I know that I will also feel the effects of Trump’s economic policies. Recently, I got a job at the admissions’ office as a coordinator organizing student records to help save money for myself and my mother and siblings in case of emergency. However, I read somewhere that there will be a tax hike for working people like myself and others. This will have a tremendously negative effect on many people’s income because more of their money will go into paying taxes. Imagine how these tax hikes will affect single Black mothers like my mother, those of lower income and the middle class.

My suggestions to survive what is come to:

  1. Make sure to have extra income streams-If one is unemployed, I suggest finding and securing a job. Being unemployed will imply more in the upcoming Trump presidency because many programs will be cut. So the unemployed wouldn’t have food stamps or welfare to rely on once they lose their job. Expect to see more homeless and starving people on the streets in the near future. If one is already employed such as myself, I would find another source of income to survive on in case one does lose their previous source of employment. That way, one has a source of income coming in to help survive and keep afloat instead of starving on the street or without any money to buy a home.
  2. Get your passport together- While I do have plans to purchase a passport soon, I HIGHLY suggest purchasing a passport ot visa in case one wants to leave this country. Things will continue to get worse and worse in this country as we delve into a Trump presidency. Then do your research and look for a country to move to and move there as soon as you can. There isn’t a time where attaining a passport wouldn’t be anymore handy than right now.
  3. No more marching and protesting- I suggest staying away from the frontlines and start looking out for your own interests. All of this marching and protesting for the causes of Black males will only have those in the Trump administration targetting you too. And you don’t want to be the target of these people because these people will make sure that one pays for ”disturbing law and order” in this country.
  4. Storing food and supplies-I believe it is best to store food and other supplies needed to survive especially in the times coming up.
  5. Gun ownership-I suggest getting a license to own a gun and owning one, just in case an intruder comes in your space and shoots you.
  6. Don’t openly talk about politics in public-It is best to keep quiet about the topic of politics and world affairs in public unless asked by co workers, classmates etc. If you are asked about politics, make sure your comment is short and undivisive as possible.

It is not an guarantee that everything I listed for Black female collective to do to survive will work for every Black woman. Some Black women live different lives from others. Some live in Black residential areas while others live in more affluent areas.And others live in different environmental and social circumstances from one another. However I do believe that some of these six things I listed will help enough Black women survive what is to come in a Trump administration than not. Though I believe not every Black woman will agree with me, I believe it is essential for an individual Black woman to look out for herself and her own best interests at heart.

In conclusion, I believe that Donald Trump’s presidency was in the works for a long time. Now, I believe that more Black women should start finding ways to adjust to the changes that is about to come. Having faux racial loyalty to the Black male and collective wouldn’t work out in the end because it will only get you in trouble or even killed. Why put my life on the line for a collective that wouldn’t do the same for me? That is why Sandra Bland and Korryn Gaines are dead. Save yourself the faux loyalty and morality and look out for yourself and yourself only!

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