Plans for the New Year

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2017 has finally come! I have so many reservations and resolutions to look forward to this year. There are many things that I look forward to in this new year as well as the direction I want my blog to go to. Thus I believe that it is best to start the new year on a good note and do our best to make the best decisions that we can possible to elevate ourselves in the long run.

My New Years’ Day resolutions happen to pertain to finances and academics but I also want to enjoy my youth in the process as well. As of right now, I am relaxing with my family and eating and sleeping in as much as I want to. I feel somewhat ambivalent about next week because of starting work and school at around the same time. But I also look forward to asserting my independence as a young woman in this increasingly polarized and divided society.

First of all, I look forward to starting my job as a receptionist at my community college’s admission office. I downsized the number of classes I will be taking to two classes to have my work schedule fit in with it. I am excited and nervous at the same time once I think about it. This is my first job and I am excited to actually start working but I fear that I might not do the job very well. So there is excitement yet apprehension there. Fortunately, I am supposed to meet with my employers this Thursday to set up my work schedule so that it doesn’t interfere with my classes.

Sequentially, I would like to do well in my classes this upcoming semester as well. Though I will be working a few days a week, I will put into as much time and effect into doing well in my classes as I do with my job. My goals are to get As and Bs in all of my classes and not receive any grade below an 80% in my college career. That way, I can work hard to attain good grades and earn my Associates degree on time and transfer to another college or university for my Bachelor’s degree. That is my goal and I will be sticking to it.

On the other hand, I do plan on saving up to buy a car and move out of my mother’s place. I will start saving up for a car so that maybe I can drive a car one day. It would be nice to do so. As for moving out of my mother’s place, I have done it before. I moved out over a month before my twentieth birthday and it didn’t work because I didn’t have a job or a car. So I had to come back home. Now that I am almost twenty two and employed, I believe that I will be in a better position to leave my mother’s place once I get myself situated. And I believe that it can be done because I will do my best to do so.

Last but not least, I have plans to move outside of America. In fact, I have had plan to move outside of this country for a while prior to Donald Trump being president elect. If things are good and I graduate with my Associates and Bachelor’s on time, I can probably work in my field as a nurse for a year or two before setting myself up to move out of this country. And I am aware of how hard and studious the process of moving from America to another country. I have done research on the immigration laws, acquiring work vistas, setting up bank accounts etc when it comes to moving out of the country. Unfortunately, I haven’t decided on a country to move to yet. When I do, I will do intensive research on it and prepare to move there because I believe that America is going to the shambles. But I refuse to let my life go to the shambles though. So I will move to another country where I believe that I will have more opportunities to make something of myself, find a suitable mate for marriage and raise a future generation of children. Once I decide on that country, I will try my hardest to move there.

What do I think is the direction do I want my blog to take?

Well, I would like my blog to be more inclusive of Black women, who reside in other countries such as Canada, Europe, Caribbean and Africa. Much of the contents of my blog pertains to the struggles of Black American women because I happen to be a Black woman that lives in America. I don’t have any disdain for Black women, who live outside of America. Heck, my mother and the women in my family aren’t American born. But I am not particularly familiar with the plight of Black women in other countries despite hearing stories of living in different countries from female relatives. While I will be more inclusive of foreign Black women, I would’t leave behind whatever issue Black American woman are going through in America. Though I am aware of the fact that foreign Black women aren’t a monolith, I will discuss their needs and interest much more in the coming months. After all, if I want to reach Black women, shouldn’t I try to reach all Black women?

I will also discuss issues that Black lesbians and Black trans women go through in society more. As I look back on my blog posts, I realized how heterosexist it is. It wasn’t my intentional to overlook the needs and issues affecting Black lesbians and trans women but it never occurred to me how much I overlooked their plight and concerns. Their lives matter just as much as their heterosexual counterparts such as myself. So I will do my best to cover Black lesbians and Black trans women and be more inclusive of my outreach when it pertains to the sexuality of Black women and girls.

Since I left the BWE behind, I will also discuss issues that I hadn’t discussed on here before such as social networking, education prospects and so on. My blog isn’t BWE affiliated. If anything, I wrote this blog as a reaction to what I was seeing in these spaces. My not frequenting such spaces also has something to do with divesting from the so called Black Community. I already divested from the Black male and their struggles but I am finding myself distancing myself from many Black women in America too. Much of the experiences I had with them especially in the BWE spaces has been negative. I am realizing that the majority of Black American women aren’t interested in forming a sisterhood with each other and fighting against the forces that keeps them down. Very few of them are. It is disheartening. Since I am not influenced by these spaces anymore, I will be broadening my outlook in life and will be including the lives of foreign Black women as a result.

Ultimately, I would like my personal life and blogging life to be well organized and well thought out this year. I also wish the best luck to other free thinking, open minded Black women out there, looking to gather around with each other. Hence, I look forward to bettering myself in society and finding out who I am as a young woman in society.


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