GOP plans to defund Planned Parenthood

Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan has stated that defunding Planned Parenthood will be apart of a “reconciliation” bill that will repeal the core of Obamacare. This bill also has a clause that restricts Democrats from creating a filibuster against the bill as a way to ensure that Republicans don’t need the majority votes to win on defunding. If Planned Parenthood is defunded, women especially Black women will suffer the consequences. These consequences can be deadly as seen in Texas regarding healthcare when it comes to low income, minority mothers.

Farron Cousins and another news reporter on Ring of Fire radio show, defunding Planned Parenthood wouldn’t really affect the 53% of White women that voted for Donald Trump but women from lower income backgrounds. Majority of these women tend to be middle class and already have access to initiatives needed for their own healthcare needs. Disproportionately, African American and Hispanic women do come from lower income backgrounds and tend to have less access to healthcare initiatives such as pap smears, mammograms, cancer screening, birth control, condoms, the pill and even assistance needed to ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth for the mother. The Republicans want to limit women especially lower income women’s access to healthcare by defunding Planned Parenthood as a way to repeal Obamacare. Though I believe this will have disastrous effects on the for low income, minority women particularly young, minority mothers, access to adequate healthcare will continue to be out of reach for the poor, minority groups and working class Americans.

According to a study in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical Journal, Texas has some of the best medical facilities in the world but the organization is investigating why the mortality rate among young mothers has doubled in the state. African American women are especially affected by these rising mortality rates among young mothers. African American mothers make up 11% of the population yet make up 28% of the maternity deaths in the state. These rising mortality rates among young mothers is due to them dying from complications at childbirth. But this is only apart of the problem. It was also determined that the state of Texas cut funding to many important healthcare initiatives that will help young mothers. Combine the cuts to funding with African American mother’s lack of access to adequate healthcare, you get the the raising mortality rates among African American mothers, who die from complications at childbirth. And this is a recipe for disaster.

Unfortunately, such legislation will also harm young, childless Black women like myself. My access to receiving birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies, receiving pap smears, mammograms and cancer screenings will decrease. So I guess more young women my age would have to be celibate to prevent ever getting pregnant since all access to birth control wouldn’t be as available as it once was. Or back alley abortions will become a trend again. With the repealing of Obamacare and defunding Planned Parenthood, much of this will be a huge blow to mine and the interests of many low income, African American or Hispanic women out there.

Ultimately, I believe that we will see a rising number of mortality rates increase for low income, African American and Hispanic women unless something drastic is done. Until then, it is best to find ways to survive and maintain our reproductive health in such times. And share ways to prevent pregnancy and get regular doctor check ups to maintain a healthy lifestyle.








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