What Brexit means for Afro British women?

Last summer, news of Great Britain’s departure from the European Union became the topic of discussion. Some people applauded Britain’s decision to leave the European Union while others denounce this decision. Great Britain’s decision to leave the European Union only signals the growing danger of nationalistic sentiment spreading across the world, hence it will affect non White populations residing in predominately populated nations.

Waves of nationalist and fascist sentiment has swept through Europe and ¬†America. Such sentiment has generated beliefs that immigration of Muslims from the Middle East and other non White countries is destroying the countries populated by predominately White people. There is also a fear of globalism, a resistance to free trade, opposition to politician correctness and rampant growth of xenophobia coupled with fears of losing their political, economic and social dominance over the world. The rise of these far right, nationalist centered groups in European countries like the UK, France, Sweden and so on has led to Britain leaving the European Union. It also led to Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election in last November. Recently, there is a Nationalist running for office in France. At the pace that we are going in, I wouldn’t be shocked if fascism and Nationalism took over all of Europe. In fact, President Obama warns about this dangerous kind of Nationalism, that is taking root in Europe and in America in this video.


How will Brexit affect the lives of Afro British women who live in Great Britain?

The Afro British populations only consists of 3% of the population in Great Britain. Afro British women make up about half of that percentage of those within that population. But Brexit has had a negative impact on the lives of many Afro British women. Afro British people already deal with institutionalized racism, less access to resources and more issues with health related illness but Brexit will hasten such problems. Now that Britain left the European Union, there will be less protection for Afro British women and other non White minorities on the job. According to Black Ballad‘s article, the European Union had specific rules and outlined protections in the workplace for women and minorities. Since these regulations has been removed, some Afro British women are worried that British companies that they work for might get rid of paid maternal leave. Much of this can negatively impact Afro British women because this can increase the rates of racism and discrimination on the job.

The effects of Brexit can also increase their cost of living because inflation and lost of jobs will become more prevalent. Afro British women are particularly vulnerable because many of them don’t have the same employment opportunities as their White counterparts. Often times, they are paid less due to their race and gender. Since they are paid less, it is much harder for them to pay their bills and establish themselves financially in Great Britain. In some ways, the experience of the Afro British woman does mirror their African American cousins in America despite the fact that the majority of Afro British women are descendants of recent African and Afro Caribbean immigrants.

Though I do believe that Brexit will have negative effects on Afro British women, I do believe that there is always a way to survive and go on with one’s life. I also advice Black women living in America to go on with their lives and try to do the best that they can despite political changes and upheaval. Brexit and Donald Trump’s presidency is only a symptom of the larger problem in the world, which is fascism and a dangerous strike of Nationalism, that can divide, if not destroy the world.













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