#Not My President# What Donald Trump ‘s ascendancy to the presidency means for American Black women?

Yesterday, I had just arrived at College Algebra class when I discussed Donald Trump being inaugurated with a fellow classmate. This classmate told me that she looked forward to his inauguration because she and her family voted for him because they felt his policies will protect the interest of small business owners like her father. Though I politely expressed my disdain for Donald Trump, it made me wonder how his presidency will affect Black American women residing in this country.

Since I don’t have classes or work on Fridays, I stayed home and relaxed. But I knew that he was going to be inaugurated today at 11:59 A.M.. I woke up just one hour prior to his inauguration and his speech but I was seething deep down inside. I tried to do homework but I just couldn’t concentrate. So I texted various people I knew about my concerns about a Trump presidency. Then an hour or two passed, I realized that he is already president of the United States. In fact, here is a video of his inauguration speech:

Though I am aware that I am not the only person concerned about the state of this country, I truly believe that much of the policies of the GOP will negatively affect Black women. Part of it has to do with repealing former president, Barack Obama’s key legislation, Obamacare. Repealing Obamacare and it’s key components also involve  reproductive health and women’s access to birth control, pap smears, mammograms and other health initiatives needed to help women survive. According to the National Black Woman’s Reproductive Justice Agenda Founder and Executive Director, Marcela Howell, repealing Obamacare will rise the insured rate of Black women 11% to 20%. The GOP’s defunding of Planned Parenthood will have negative implications on all women especially Black women of childbearing age like myself. Once the GOP controlled Congress votes to defund Planned Parenthood, women of lower income will have less access to birth control and other initiatives needed to actively plan their reproductive future. I will predict that rates of out of wedlock births and contacting deadly STDs such as HIV skyrocketing once more Black women have less access to birth control. Defunding Planned Parenthood will also lessen Black women’s access to having pap smears and mammograms needed to keep their health in check and detect diseases such as breast cancer. With the repealing of Obamacare and the attitudes in the Black Community regarding birth control and abortion,  it is best believe that Black women’s birth rates will increase and experience the risks of contacting STDs and dying from curable diseases.

Second of all, Donald Trump and the GOP plan on giving tax breaks to the wealthy. In fact, repealing Obamacare will create tax breaks for the wealthy. Guess who will be paying once the wealthy gets these tax breaks? The common people like myself. The taxes on the middle class to lower class will increase a people pay more in taxes. This will have an enormous impact on Black women and their families. Black women, particularly Black mothers tend to be the breadwinners of whatever household that they reside. Seventy two percent of Black children are born out of wedlock. Two thirds of Black households are led by single Black mothers, who happen to be the breadwinners. Though I don’t have any children, I do see how tax breaks for the rich can affect Black, single mothers because I was raised by one. And because I see how it would be much harder for Black mothers to make a living, pay the bills on time and have enough money to buy food and other essentials needed to survive. So I can see how such policies can negatively affect Black, single parent households.

Last but not least, Donald Trump’s administration will crack down on protesters especially Black Lives Matter protesters. I remember Trump saying at the first presidential debate that he would bring ”law and order”. ”Law and order” is code word for a militant police force cracking down on protesters, injuring them and arresting them. He even hailed Stop and Frisk as a successful legislation that curtailed the rate of crime in New York City despite evidence to the contrary. What does this have to do with Black women? Black women are disproportionately the ones risking their lives, marching and protesting for the Black Lives Matter movement. a protest movement that is based on protesting the lives of slain Black men at the hands of the police. Black women are the ones who are being sprayed with dangerous chemicals, being beaten by the police and arrested by the police. Yet no one cares if a Black woman is killed at the hands of the police. Look at the response to Korrin Gaines’ murder at the hands of the police compared to response to Alton Sterling’s murder. It is like comparing night and day. And Black women can’t afford to be seen as terrorists and public enemy #1 by this administration because Black women are already vulnerable enough. It is best that Black women let Black men fight their own battles with the White man and focus on themselves instead.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump has become president of the United States. It is best to do what one can to obstruct his policies from ever becoming implemented into law so that he wouldn’t take away many rights from various groups of people particularly Black women. From what I am seeing, the Democratic Party is still reeling from a crushing defeat in last November’s election so organizing to obstruct Trump wouldn’t be adamant. One could determine and see that his policies will be devastatingly harmful to the interests of Black women to the point that one has to do what they can to stop him.

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2 thoughts on “#Not My President# What Donald Trump ‘s ascendancy to the presidency means for American Black women?

    • True. I may change the topic and message of my blog and may make a video series on Youtube just to get the message about obstructing Donald Trump so that more people wouldn’t be hurt by any of the policies he and the GOP put into office.


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