The Women’s March and it’s Importance

Yesterday, millions of women across the country marched as a way to protest Donald Trump’s inauguration. These protests were even prevalent around the globe too. I highly applaud women for standing up for what is right. In a way, such a march is one of the predictions I made in my post about the reactions and consequences of electing Donald Trump as the leader of the free world.


The importance of the Women’s March highlights how women’s rights are under attack by Donald Trump’s administration. Women are voicing their dissent towards the administration and making it known that they will fight back against their rights being attack. If Donald Trump and his minions get their way, women would have less access to birth control, pap smears and healthcare and would have less opportunities in the workplace. And it is worse for Black women and other women of color, placing into the fact that other races of women deal with both racism and sexism. Buckle up your seat belts and enjoy the ride, because it will be a long ride for equality for women.


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