About My Blog

This blog is for Black women and those who believe that the intersection of both race and gender equally affects the lives and livelihood of Black women in American and Western societies. My blog is here to point out how both White supremacist, capitalistic, patriarchal society and Black communities plays a role in shaping how many Black women see the world based on their interactions and experiences with both segments of society.  And Black women’s progress in social, economic and political areas will be addressed as well as the colorism, misogyny and sexism in Black communities across America and other Western countries. Thus I believe that those who believe in intersectional feminism and bettering Black women’s condition in society will enjoy reading many of the articles posted on this blog.

However I am aware that this blog isn’t for everyone. I know not everyone will agree with my views and stance on race, gender, class and whatever I choose to write about on here. And that is okay. Not everyone is going to agree with everything that people post on online blogs or agree with their viewpoints. I don’t mind opposing viewpoints. People with varying viewpoints and beliefs are allowed to comment on my blog as long as these commenters are respectful and are respectful to those who regularly comment on the blog.

Believe it or not, this blog isn’t exclusive to Black women even though this blog is directly geared towards Black women. Being a feminist, I know that issues such as being paid less than men, sexism in the workplace, street harassment, dealing with misogynist men in and out of the workplace and public, sexism in the music industry etc also affects women of other races. However , unlike their Caucasian counterparts, Black, Latina, Asian and Pacific Islander women also face racism along with sexism. Women of all races and male allies are welcome to read the blog if they are interested in it as long as they are respectful to the other commenters.

Ultimately, I truly believe that feminism is for everyone and should be inclusive and intersectional. Feminism should and must be intersectional especially in this day and age because it is important to address how race, class and gender plays a role on how many people in societies across the West are treated. The liberation of Black and brown women from race, class and gender inequalities and bias will ensure liberation for those who experience discrimination based on race, gender or class in society.  And once race, class and gender inequalities and discrimination is dismantled, then our society would be a better place to live in for everyone. Thus it is important that feminism especially mainstream feminism be more intersectional and inclusive to everyone.


5 thoughts on “About My Blog

    • Thank you for the encouragement. I have been busy with college coursework and trying to adjust to the demands of college life so I haven’t really been able to write as many posts as I want to. And I even have felt that my blog would be a rundown cesspool because of the lack of visitors and commenters but your comment is very encouraging. Maybe I will start writing more blog posts from here on out.


  1. I am so glad that I found your blog! As a Progressive Black Female, it is often hard to find opinionated women like myself blogging. Keep up the good work!

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  2. Just found your blog through petal-pink designs. Love your horses and the owl. Your choice of fabrics is so fun and spioetid.Lorks like you’ve been very busy! How about a free reward? Come visit the blog I share with my girlfriends, leave comments for chances to win in our blog giveaway. There’s yarn, fabric & notions and even some chocolate in our giveaway. We’d love to have you visit.


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