Ring of Fire’s Cousin Farron discussing repealing Obamacare and defunding Planned Parenthood

Here Ring of Fire’s Cousin Farron discusses more in depth about this topic:


GOP plans to defund Planned Parenthood

Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan has stated that defunding Planned Parenthood will be apart of a “reconciliation” bill that will repeal the core of Obamacare. This bill also has a clause that restricts Democrats from creating a filibuster against the bill as a way to ensure that Republicans don’t need the majority votes to win on defunding. If Planned Parenthood is defunded, women especially Black women will suffer the consequences. These consequences can be deadly as seen in Texas regarding healthcare when it comes to low income, minority mothers.

Farron Cousins and another news reporter on Ring of Fire radio show, defunding Planned Parenthood wouldn’t really affect the 53% of White women that voted for Donald Trump but women from lower income backgrounds. Majority of these women tend to be middle class and already have access to initiatives needed for their own healthcare needs. Disproportionately, African American and Hispanic women do come from lower income backgrounds and tend to have less access to healthcare initiatives such as pap smears, mammograms, cancer screening, birth control, condoms, the pill and even assistance needed to ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth for the mother. The Republicans want to limit women especially lower income women’s access to healthcare by defunding Planned Parenthood as a way to repeal Obamacare. Though I believe this will have disastrous effects on the for low income, minority women particularly young, minority mothers, access to adequate healthcare will continue to be out of reach for the poor, minority groups and working class Americans.

According to a study in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical Journal, Texas has some of the best medical facilities in the world but the organization is investigating why the mortality rate among young mothers has doubled in the state. African American women are especially affected by these rising mortality rates among young mothers. African American mothers make up 11% of the population yet make up 28% of the maternity deaths in the state. These rising mortality rates among young mothers is due to them dying from complications at childbirth. But this is only apart of the problem. It was also determined that the state of Texas cut funding to many important healthcare initiatives that will help young mothers. Combine the cuts to funding with African American mother’s lack of access to adequate healthcare, you get the the raising mortality rates among African American mothers, who die from complications at childbirth. And this is a recipe for disaster.

Unfortunately, such legislation will also harm young, childless Black women like myself. My access to receiving birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies, receiving pap smears, mammograms and cancer screenings will decrease. So I guess more young women my age would have to be celibate to prevent ever getting pregnant since all access to birth control wouldn’t be as available as it once was. Or back alley abortions will become a trend again. With the repealing of Obamacare and defunding Planned Parenthood, much of this will be a huge blow to mine and the interests of many low income, African American or Hispanic women out there.

Ultimately, I believe that we will see a rising number of mortality rates increase for low income, African American and Hispanic women unless something drastic is done. Until then, it is best to find ways to survive and maintain our reproductive health in such times. And share ways to prevent pregnancy and get regular doctor check ups to maintain a healthy lifestyle.








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Plans for the New Year

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2017 has finally come! I have so many reservations and resolutions to look forward to this year. There are many things that I look forward to in this new year as well as the direction I want my blog to go to. Thus I believe that it is best to start the new year on a good note and do our best to make the best decisions that we can possible to elevate ourselves in the long run.

My New Years’ Day resolutions happen to pertain to finances and academics but I also want to enjoy my youth in the process as well. As of right now, I am relaxing with my family and eating and sleeping in as much as I want to. I feel somewhat ambivalent about next week because of starting work and school at around the same time. But I also look forward to asserting my independence as a young woman in this increasingly polarized and divided society.

First of all, I look forward to starting my job as a receptionist at my community college’s admission office. I downsized the number of classes I will be taking to two classes to have my work schedule fit in with it. I am excited and nervous at the same time once I think about it. This is my first job and I am excited to actually start working but I fear that I might not do the job very well. So there is excitement yet apprehension there. Fortunately, I am supposed to meet with my employers this Thursday to set up my work schedule so that it doesn’t interfere with my classes.

Sequentially, I would like to do well in my classes this upcoming semester as well. Though I will be working a few days a week, I will put into as much time and effect into doing well in my classes as I do with my job. My goals are to get As and Bs in all of my classes and not receive any grade below an 80% in my college career. That way, I can work hard to attain good grades and earn my Associates degree on time and transfer to another college or university for my Bachelor’s degree. That is my goal and I will be sticking to it.

On the other hand, I do plan on saving up to buy a car and move out of my mother’s place. I will start saving up for a car so that maybe I can drive a car one day. It would be nice to do so. As for moving out of my mother’s place, I have done it before. I moved out over a month before my twentieth birthday and it didn’t work because I didn’t have a job or a car. So I had to come back home. Now that I am almost twenty two and employed, I believe that I will be in a better position to leave my mother’s place once I get myself situated. And I believe that it can be done because I will do my best to do so.

Last but not least, I have plans to move outside of America. In fact, I have had plan to move outside of this country for a while prior to Donald Trump being president elect. If things are good and I graduate with my Associates and Bachelor’s on time, I can probably work in my field as a nurse for a year or two before setting myself up to move out of this country. And I am aware of how hard and studious the process of moving from America to another country. I have done research on the immigration laws, acquiring work vistas, setting up bank accounts etc when it comes to moving out of the country. Unfortunately, I haven’t decided on a country to move to yet. When I do, I will do intensive research on it and prepare to move there because I believe that America is going to the shambles. But I refuse to let my life go to the shambles though. So I will move to another country where I believe that I will have more opportunities to make something of myself, find a suitable mate for marriage and raise a future generation of children. Once I decide on that country, I will try my hardest to move there.

What do I think is the direction do I want my blog to take?

Well, I would like my blog to be more inclusive of Black women, who reside in other countries such as Canada, Europe, Caribbean and Africa. Much of the contents of my blog pertains to the struggles of Black American women because I happen to be a Black woman that lives in America. I don’t have any disdain for Black women, who live outside of America. Heck, my mother and the women in my family aren’t American born. But I am not particularly familiar with the plight of Black women in other countries despite hearing stories of living in different countries from female relatives. While I will be more inclusive of foreign Black women, I would’t leave behind whatever issue Black American woman are going through in America. Though I am aware of the fact that foreign Black women aren’t a monolith, I will discuss their needs and interest much more in the coming months. After all, if I want to reach Black women, shouldn’t I try to reach all Black women?

I will also discuss issues that Black lesbians and Black trans women go through in society more. As I look back on my blog posts, I realized how heterosexist it is. It wasn’t my intentional to overlook the needs and issues affecting Black lesbians and trans women but it never occurred to me how much I overlooked their plight and concerns. Their lives matter just as much as their heterosexual counterparts such as myself. So I will do my best to cover Black lesbians and Black trans women and be more inclusive of my outreach when it pertains to the sexuality of Black women and girls.

Since I left the BWE behind, I will also discuss issues that I hadn’t discussed on here before such as social networking, education prospects and so on. My blog isn’t BWE affiliated. If anything, I wrote this blog as a reaction to what I was seeing in these spaces. My not frequenting such spaces also has something to do with divesting from the so called Black Community. I already divested from the Black male and their struggles but I am finding myself distancing myself from many Black women in America too. Much of the experiences I had with them especially in the BWE spaces has been negative. I am realizing that the majority of Black American women aren’t interested in forming a sisterhood with each other and fighting against the forces that keeps them down. Very few of them are. It is disheartening. Since I am not influenced by these spaces anymore, I will be broadening my outlook in life and will be including the lives of foreign Black women as a result.

Ultimately, I would like my personal life and blogging life to be well organized and well thought out this year. I also wish the best luck to other free thinking, open minded Black women out there, looking to gather around with each other. Hence, I look forward to bettering myself in society and finding out who I am as a young woman in society.

Do trans women need their own spaces apart from women?

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There has been recent debates in many feminist circles about the participation of trans women in the spaces women frequent. Many women feel that trans women are trying to infringe on the rights of women and execute their own version of patriarchy while other women believe that trans women deserve access to women’s spaces. The culprit of these divisions and talking points comes from a stark disagreement between trans women and natal born women over their rights as women and asserting these rights as a way to progress themselves in society. Hence I believe that it is important to find ways to protect the livelihood of women while ensuring that trans women have access to upward mobility.

Natal born women such as myself are seen as the pinnacle and ideal of womanhood. Many women don’t see anything wrong with this. I don’t. Now, that the existence of trans women is becoming more prominent in society, trans women are also demanding that their existence be seen and acknowledged as women. Many natal born women don’t necessarily see trans women as one of them due to the fact that trans women used hormones and sex change surgery to transition from a  man to a woman. On the other hand, trans women believe that they are women solely due to the fact that they seen and recognized themselves as women in society. Well, I believe that there is more to womanhood than genitals and biology but I also believe that trans women should be included into the spectrum of womanhood as long as they don’t infringe on the rights of women and children in the process.

Is it transphobia for women to be concerned about their safety and the safety of their children?

No, it isn’t. As much disdain that I have for transphobia, I believe that the welfare and safety of women and children are far more important. I prioritize women and children’s rights because they are the most vulnerable segments of society and make up the majority of those living in poverty in the world. And I happen to believe that women and children’s rights should be protected by the law. No, I don’t believe that all trans women pose a danger to women but the actions of some trans women have opened up a paradox box of whether or not they can pose a threat to the safety of women and children at large.

From what I noticed and observed, not many trans women defend the rights of natal born women. It is rare for me to a trans woman stand up against patriarchal forces that suppress women’s autonomy in society. I don’t see many trans woman advocate for the rights of women when it comes to breaking the glass ceiling, reproductive rights, wage inequality, street harassment, rape and misogyny in the work place and so on. Look at the time when trans woman, Laverne Cox refused to defend young actress, Amandla Stenberg on a talk show when Andy Cohen called her a ”jackhole” for speaking out against Kylie Jenner appropriating wearing cornrows. Look at the way many trans women frequent women’s spaces and call natal born women names once they find themselves in a disagreement with them. Isn’t it not misogynistic to call women names in an attempt to silence them? I think so. Unfortunately, I experienced this firsthand, when I frequented a feminist space that a friend of mine presides. The topic in the space pertained to trans women and I commented. Then this trans woman attacked me in the comment sections when I wrote something that she disagreed with. It was almost to the point that I had to block this person. It was a painful experience but I know that I am not the first woman to experience this and wouldn’t be the last one either.

If a natal born woman wants to discuss issues pertaining to her anatomy such as experiencing menstrual cycles and child birth, she is called names like birther and carriers of fetus. How aren’t women allowed to discuss changes to their anatomy in their own spaces? Of course, trans women are also entitled to discuss taking hormones or going through sex rearrangement surgery in spaces that provide them the clarity to do so. Yet many people believe that it is okay to silence women and their issues. Though I don’t necessarily believe that womanhood is confined to biology and anatomy, I believe that women shouldn’t be silenced in order to please the urges of trans women.

Many women worry about the presence of trans women in women’s public restrooms, locker rooms and women’s shelters because of fear that the trans woman might use their genitals to rape or harm them. Especially if the trans woman hasn’t had sex rearrangement surgery to remove their penis. However such thinking is somewhat absurd because there hasn’t been many incidents of trans women creating havoc in these spaces but I can’t be 100% sure if this is the case. Though I understand their concerns and fears about allowing trans women in these spaces are valid, there isn’t much evidence of the belief that trans women may or are a direct danger to the welfare of women in these spaces.

Personally, I believe the solution to such a disparity is have more information in public education classrooms about transsexualism and transgender ism. When more people are aware of gender, biology and how it plays a role in how trans women are treated and perceived in society, more women will understand ways to interact with and deal with trans women. But I so believe that women deserve their own spaces where their concern, needs and wants can be expressed without misogynistic language or threats geared toward them. Thus it is necessary for trans women to develop their own spaces apart from women while women maintain and preserve their own spaces to protect themselves in society.



Reproductive Rights Under Attack….Yet Again

Recently, Ohio state legislatures have announced that it plans on enacting Heart Beat bill, which will limit women’s right to have agency over her own body. If this legislature is put into law, women will be prohibited from aborting their fetus after six weeks of pregnancy. The reactions among feminists and women alike ranged from disgust and anger. Fortunately, I predicted the coming assault on women’s reproductive rights on women with the election of Donald Trump and Republicans taking over The House and Senate. The importance of alarming women about their reproductive and find ways to protect their reproductive rights will be among the goals of women like myself in the upcoming Trump presidency.


Sign this petition:


Petitioning Governor John Kasich

“VETO OHIO HB 493 – Keep access to choice available for ALL women!

Ohio is about to instate the “Strictest Abortion Law in the Nation“.
Governor John Kasich can and absolutely should veto this law.

“Prior to the House vote, Emmalee Kalmbach, spokeswoman for Gov. John Kasich, declined to comment on the bill. However, Kasich said on several occasions in the past two years he opposed the Heartbeat Bill, primarily because of constitutional concerns. The governor could line-item veto the abortion language…”

Take a moment, sign this petition and call Governor Kasich:  (614) 466-3555. This bill imposes an undue burden on women, it greatly limits the free and open access to abortions guaranteed by the Roe v. Wade decision and it is yet another erosion of women’s rights in this country. It simply CANNOT STAND!

From the Columbus Dispatch: The election of Donald Trump emboldened majority Republicans in the Ohio General Assembly to pass the strictest abortion law in the nation Tuesday.

In a surprise move in the final days of the lame-duck session, the Senate and House adopted the Heartbeat Bill — long sought by some abortion opponents — to outlaw abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected, generally about six weeks into pregnancy.

Previous attempts to pass the bill failed over concerns that it would be ruled unconstitutional in the federal courts, as have similar laws in two other states.


Officials of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio were stunned. The group issued a statement saying, “The unconstitutional six-week abortion ban, known as the ‘Heartbeat Bill,’ would block access to safe and legal abortion before most women even know they’re pregnant. The amendment has no exceptions in the bill for rape, incest, or to protect the health of the woman and would criminalize doctors who perform abortion procedures, regardless of the reason.”


The bill would make it a fifth-degree felony, punishable by up to one year in prison, for a physician to perform an abortion without checking for a fetal heartbeat or performing the procedure after it can be detected. The doctor also could face a civil lawsuit from the mother and disciplinary action.The bill would make it a fifth-degree felony, punishable by up to one year in prison, for a physician to perform an abortion without checking for a fetal heartbeat or performing the procedure after it can be detected. The doctor also could face a civil lawsuit from the mother and disciplinary action. ”



Depression rates among Black adolescent girls skyrocketed


De nigger woman is de mule uh de world so fur as Ah can see”-Zora Neale Hurston

Depression and Black girls. Those words don’t belong in the same sentence. Right?  Well recent studies have come out dispels the myth of the ”strong, independent Black Woman” that shows that Black girls between the ages of ten and fourteen are experiencing higher rates of depression than ever before. The advent of social media is seen as the culprit that is leading to so many Black girls being depression in their early teens. However I believe that there are many more issues affecting many young, Black girls that is leading to so many being depressed. Hence I believe that it is important to address many social issues affecting Black girls and women to help find solutions to the problems that we face in society.

Depression is becoming a rising problem for teenagers as time goes on. About 11.3% of teenagers between the ages of twelve and seventeen have depression, that has gone untreated. This number has increased from 8.7% in 2005. Among young adults between ages eighteen and twenty five, 9.6% of them suffer from depression, that has gone untreated. One in eleven young adults have had a major depression episode in the past year. Often times, those who are diagnosed with depression were Black, female and suffered from bouts of addiction to drugs. Researchers have contributed to the rise of depression among Black girls to cyber bullying on social media outlets. This problem isn’t limited to America either. Rates of depression and self harm is also prevalent among Black girls in Great Britain. While I do believe that there is some truth to the influence of cyber bullying on social media outlets, I believe that there are other underlying and blatant factors, that is leading to the rising problem of depression among young, Black girls.

Even though I am a college student, I am not too far away from childhood or adolescence. It wasn’t long ago when I was in high school. I vividly remember my middle and high school years like it was yesterday. Anyways, what does this have to do with the rising rates of depression among Black girls. Since I believe that the study posted on Daily Mail was rather vague, I will use my own experiences to find more reasons why the rates if depression are increasing among Black girls.

Many Black girls and young Black women are verbally and physically abused at home. Often times, their mothers put their daughters in dangerous and compromising positions where they are the ones doing all the work while their sons are coddled. They teach their daughters to suck it up and be ”strong” and ”independent” as a coping mechanism to survive the racism and sexism that they will experience in the outer world and street harassment, cat calls, colorism, sexism and misogyny they face in their own communities. Showing emotion was discouraged because it meant showing weakness. These girls were also taught how to cook, do house work and take care of their siblings while their mothers work. Worse, some of these Black girls grew up in homes where the mother was abusive or they are experiencing divorce between their parents or they were adopted by a foster family. The stress from growing up in dysfunctional and disadvantaged homes can be very detrimental to the psyche of many Black girls in their early teens.

Being mistreated and bullied in school is another experience that can cause depression in young girls particularly Black girls. Studies have shown that Black girls are twice as likely to be suspended from school as their White counterparts. Many Black girls find themselves being rejected and ostracized by their peers due to their race and gender. Particularly if she is a dark skin girl. Their male counterparts, on the other hand, don’t have the same problems with fitting into school settings like Black girls do. Many school children look down on Black girls or expect them to act out stereotypes to affirm their beliefs about Black womanhood. Or they face peer pressure from their peers to fit in and act, think and talk like the rest of them. Worst of all, little Black girls are being fed images that they are unattractive, unworthy of love and undesirable by media and society, at large.  Black girls face in society doesn’t deter the negative effects that it places on the psyche of Black girls in America and other Western countries.

However, the most heartbreaking and painstaking form of abuse takes place among Black communities. Many Black women can attest to the catcalls and street harassment that they face while walking anywhere in their neighborhoods as a child. There are even stories being told of them being sexually molested or violated by male relatives and acquaintances. In fact, a statistic showed that 60% of Black girls are sexually molested before their eighteenth birthday. For every Black woman that reports her rape, fifteen of them don’t. Couple that with the effects of generational poverty and lack of guidance from adults that were supposed to protect them, many Black girls feel depressed because they were taught to shut up and suck it up. They were taught to overlook whatever struggles and tension that was in their life and take on the responsibility of being a parent, protector or provider to their households and families. Black women and girls were always taught to be strong and resilient in the face of adversity while their male counterparts walk out on their responsibilities. Or when they are facing abuse in the outer society. Or raising children all by themselves. The worst failure committed by Black people particularly Black males is the failure to protect Black girls. Since it is a belief that Black girls are ”strong”, they don’t feel the need to protect Black girls’ innocence from predators, who seek to harm them in their own communities and families. Often times, many people in the Black collective especially older Black women shame Black girls, who were victims of pedophiles and molesters and call them ”fast” as a way to keep these girls ”in their place”. And if a Black woman does report her abuse, she is accused of trying to ”bring down the Black man” and allying herself with the White supremacist system.  Either way, Black girls can’t win or survive untarnished in living in Black residential communities, which is why I believe it is much more dangerous to live in such communities than outside of it.

Personally, I find the social atmosphere of America very toxic and detrimental to the health of Black girls and women. Black womanhood is always under attack by non Blacks and Black people alike. Black woman’s likelihood and image is tarnished in the media by baseless studies proving that she isn’t marriageable, attractive or worthy of love, respect and esteem. Her image is being erased and downplayed by having biracial, multiracial, racially ambiguous and non Black women portray her life in the media. Black woman’s likelihood and image is tarnished in Black collective with Rap lyrics calling her a bitch, hoe and thot and the likes of Tommy Sotomayor making videos generalizing Black women as hair hatted hooligans, whores, bad mothers and every stereotype under the bus. Social media plays a role in this because social media is being used to push these stereotypical notions of Black girls and women. In fact, Tommy Sotomayor uses Youtube to post videos putting down Black women. If it hurts to see your image erased or others bashing your image, cyber bullying of Black girls is on the rise. Even comedian, Leslie Jones wasn’t immune to being attacked by racists on social media for her role in the remake of the Ghost Busters. Many Black girls find themselves being attacked on social media for posting varying opinions or posts that is different from others or just for being Black and female. I know this all too well because I have experienced such assault on social media too many times. Being surrounded by a toxic social atmosphere can really negatively impact the mental and emotional state of Black girls to the point that they can be depressed.

Worst of all, Black girls seem to dislike other Black girls. Black girls pick each other apart from the way they dress, wear their hair, talk, think etc. I know this all too well because I experience passive aggressive and sometimes overt aggression from other Black women. In fact, the worst experiences with customer service in public revenues has been from other Black women! I experienced many Black women spread rumors about me not being a Black woman due to my name and Facebook profile(which I recently deleted) in the so called Black Woman Empowerment spaces, which is partially why I no longer look at those spaces. In fact, one of the women in these so called Black Woman Empowerment spaces said that the term, ”sisterhood” plays into patriarchy and men’s needs. What? And I know that I am not the only Black woman that experiences this either. Way too many Black woman and girls experience people that look just like that go against them because many of these women hate themselves and take it out on other Black women. Or they are in competition with each other and feel jealous of the other Black woman. It is unfortunate considering the fact that Black women are the only people that we have to protect our interests, but it is best to find like minded Black woman that is for unity among other Black women.


What can be done to prevent rates of depression among Black girls from being higher than they are right now?

First of all, I believe that there needs to be safe spaces for young, Black girls to come together and discuss whatever problem that they are having in their lives. Safe spaces like shelters and homes designed for Black girls to go to in case of trouble. Or online spaces that are specifically geared towards Black women. Once more safe spaces are created for Black girls and women, more of us will be reassured that they aren’t alone in their fight. This is one of the reasons why I created my blog so that Black girls and women can have a safe space to talk about their hopes and dreams without disruption. Having shelters and homes designed for young Black girls is helpful for Black girls living in abused or disadvantaged homes. Then more Black girls and women will realize that there aren’t alone in their fight against depression and confide in each other to better themselves.

Once safe spaces are created for Black girls and women to confine in, more Black girls should consider seeing a therapist. In order for them to consider seeing a therapist, one must let go of the binary thinking that she is a ”strong Black woman” because it dehumanizes her humanity. She also needs to let go of the belief that prayer can solve all problems because prayer can only do so much. Prayers can come true but one has to take the initiative and do something to better themselves as well. Once she sees herself as a human being with her own needs and interests, then she is more open to confiding in an therapist, who can help her treat her depression. Having a therapist can help her overcome depression because telling a trusted therapist everything that is bothering you can help clear your mind. Once one clears their mind of such events, it helps them move on from these events and do better for themselves.

Most of all, I believe that more Black women should learn to love themselves. It is not easy to love yourself when everyone around you is telling you, you are worthless. Unfortunately, I believe the vast majority of Black girls and women don’t love themselves. Look at the rates of untreated mentally illness among Black women. Look at the rates of out of wedlock births. Look at how Black women treat each other and themselves. This is why believe that creating safe spaces and seeing a therapist is a step in helping Black girls learn how to love themselves and value themselves.

Fortunately, Zora Neale Hurston’s comment about Black women being the mules of the world can be applied in many ways. Black women are continually bashed and debased on all segments of society yet are seen as ”the help” once something goes awry. Thus there is some truth to the belief that Black women are the mules of the world, but with help and assistance, we can raise above it and achieve tranquility and love of self.
















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The Day of Reckoning Has Come: Black women’s preoccupation with faux racial loyalty

My friend and I were discussing the changing political landscape of not only America but European countries like Great Britain. We were discussing how several police men were found either dead or injured across the nation recently. It made me think about all of the Black women marching and protesting for slain Black males like Freddie Gray and how there aren’t any marches for slain Black women like Korryn Gaines. Much of Black women’s labor into Black males’ causes has gone unrewarded and overlooked. How much longer do these women have to march and protest to realize that it doesn’t benefit them? Now with Donald Trump as president elect, the day of reckoning has come but will the Black female collective survive what is to come?

As much as I am passionate about social justice and achieving equality for all, I don’t believe that Black orientated organizations and movements are of much benefit to Black women.  All of them are centered on the needs and interests of Black males much to the detriment of Black women. Unfortunately, Black Lives Matter isn’t an exception to this rule. Black women are told to ”sacrifice for the greater good” of ”da community” and ”build together” but without much reciprocation on the Black males’ part. I see Black women marching, protesting and speaking out on the behalf of slain, Black males like Michael Brown, Freddie Gray and Alton Sterling but I have never seen Black males march for Aiyanna Stanley Jones or Sandra Bland. Often times, Black males ridicule and put down Black women to their friends, significant others and even online especially on Youtube. There an article I read about a pregnant woman, who was in the car with her fiancee, was hit by a bullet from the police in the car in a Ferguson riot in 2014. I was so disgusted. Why in the world do I want to lose my eye or my life over ”da struggle”? Especially a struggle that doesn’t have any benefit to me whatsoever.

Here is an image of a woman, Dornella Corner, who lost her eye in a riot in Ferguson:

Blinded: Dornella Conner (seen in hospital) was reportedly being driven away by her boyfriend, De'Angelas Lee, from a gas station in Ferguson, St Louis, when an officer fired a 'bean bag' round at their vehicle

Her, before the incident:

Before the shooting: The mother-of-two, who is around 12 weeks' pregnant, was taken to hospital with severe injuries to her left eye. Despite medics' best efforts, she was left blinded, with blurry vision in her right eye

Recently, the FBI has recognized Black Lives Matter Movement as a terrorist group. Many citizens especially middle class to working class White workers were alarmed and rather disturbed by hoardes of protestors blocking roadways and marching around cities. Many of them saw protestors as trouble makers, stirring up racism and division in the country. Now that the movement is characterized as a terrorist group, best believe that if more Black women march, protest and align themselves with this movement, our lives will be perpetually be scrutinized and put in danger. Being aligned with  movement that was declared a terrorist group will be very risky for the livelihood of the Black woman that associate themselves with it.



Image result for black lives matter protesters

How does Donald Trump presidency play a role in this ”day of reckoning” for Black female collective?

Donald Trump’s election was a big wake call for Black Americans especially Black women and Black women living in European countries. His election represents the growing fascist and radical right wing rule taking over the Western world due to aghast over the economy and anti immigration and nationalist sentiments taking over the minds of White people. His election showed Black women that White America refuses to atone for their role in the dehumanization and mistreatment of Black people and that it wants to continue racially profiling Black males. Worst of all, these GOP senators that Trump will appoint to position in government will privatize programs such as Social Security, Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid and give ”law and order” to the nation.

Though privatizing such programs will have a disastrous effect on Black women, who use them, ”law and order” is something Donald Trump said in the first presidential debate when asked about racial profiling. What he means by ”law and order” is rounding up all of the Black and Hispanic criminals along with Black Lives Matters protestors and imprisoning them for causing ”disturbance” and ”mishap” in the country. Many Americans want more police to start cracking down on these Black Lives Matter protestors and maintain ”law and order” for middle class White Americans and minorities, who wish to see America clear of these protests. Best believe that once the Conservative government and police cracks down on these protests, more Black women, who are aligned with the movement, will find themselves under scrutiny or even attacked by the police. It is dangerous for Black women to go around thinking that they can participate in such movements and not face reprisal or reaction from White America or even other minorities. Once these women are arrested for participating in these protests, their record will be tainted by an arrest or confrontation with the police. Black women already have a hard time, finding work but a Black woman with a jail record will have an extremely hard time finding adequate employment. Worst, they will have less access to resources for themselves and descendants if they have a jail record. Some of them can even be outed as terrorists and radicalized for their involvement in these protests. So ”law and order” coming back to this country will come back in expense to the livelihood and safety of Black women and their children, who are actively involved in movements like Black Lives Matter.

Republican senator, Paul Ryan has hinted in privatizing Medicare. Many elderly Black women rely on Medicare as a source of income and it will hurt their livelihood if it was cut. If Medicare is cut, then other social programs such as welfare will be next in line to be cut as well. A segment of Black women, like everyone else, rely on these programs to survive and thrive. Many people including other Black women wouldn’t have any source of income to live off of once these programs are cut. If Black women find other income streams to survive, then more will find other sources of income to survive off of.

By far the most controversial topic is women’s reproductive rights. Donald Trump hinted at wanting to overturn Roe v. Wade despite being told that the issue of women’s reproductive rights has been settled. I predict that the government will do the best of it’s ability to continue defunding Planned Parenthood. This limits women’s access to adequate method of birth control, pap smears and regular mammogram checks. Though there are many other clinics that do have birth control available for women, Planned Parenthood is one of the biggest healthcare providers of women’s health in the nation. To see it be dismantled would led the way for senators in the Supreme Court to try and overturn Roe v. Wade. Overturning Roe v. Wade will make abortion illegal and limit women’s choices in what they want to do with their body. Unfortunately, all of this will have a disastrous effect on women of all races particularly Black women. Black women in America have an out of wedlock birth rate of 72 percent and having less access to birth control and other intiatives to prevent pregnancy, prevent contacting STDs and other diseases will worsen their condition. Less access to birth control will only increase the rates of pregnancy among Black women and other races of women, who happen to be of lower income brackets. And whatever Black woman births is deemed deviant and the cause of all of the social problems in the Black collective because many people believe that Black mothers are recklessly birthing bastard babies and criminals, who will grow up to become a leech on society. Of course, this type of mindset absolves the responsibility of generational poverty and systematic racism in the maintaininig the prevalency of such social practices.

I can also see more police presence being implemented in Black and Hispanic communities once a protest or march breaks out. Having the likes of Steve Bannon in the White House will try to enforce police men and FBI to use dangerous weapons to try to ”civilize” and ”bring them to heel”. I see a huge crackdown on Black males running around, causing crime in thee neighborhoods and being imprisoned or even killed by the police. There are some upsides to this because it will help the likes of Black male pedophiles and criminals off the streets. On the downside, innocent Black males might be racially profiled or even confused for the criminals. In a way, I do believe more policing of Black neighborhoods will create a safer atmosphere for Black women and children to grow up in because criminals and gangsters will be targetted and put in jail for their deeds.

As a twenty one college student, who doesn’t have any children, I know that I will also feel the effects of Trump’s economic policies. Recently, I got a job at the admissions’ office as a coordinator organizing student records to help save money for myself and my mother and siblings in case of emergency. However, I read somewhere that there will be a tax hike for working people like myself and others. This will have a tremendously negative effect on many people’s income because more of their money will go into paying taxes. Imagine how these tax hikes will affect single Black mothers like my mother, those of lower income and the middle class.

My suggestions to survive what is come to:

  1. Make sure to have extra income streams-If one is unemployed, I suggest finding and securing a job. Being unemployed will imply more in the upcoming Trump presidency because many programs will be cut. So the unemployed wouldn’t have food stamps or welfare to rely on once they lose their job. Expect to see more homeless and starving people on the streets in the near future. If one is already employed such as myself, I would find another source of income to survive on in case one does lose their previous source of employment. That way, one has a source of income coming in to help survive and keep afloat instead of starving on the street or without any money to buy a home.
  2. Get your passport together- While I do have plans to purchase a passport soon, I HIGHLY suggest purchasing a passport ot visa in case one wants to leave this country. Things will continue to get worse and worse in this country as we delve into a Trump presidency. Then do your research and look for a country to move to and move there as soon as you can. There isn’t a time where attaining a passport wouldn’t be anymore handy than right now.
  3. No more marching and protesting- I suggest staying away from the frontlines and start looking out for your own interests. All of this marching and protesting for the causes of Black males will only have those in the Trump administration targetting you too. And you don’t want to be the target of these people because these people will make sure that one pays for ”disturbing law and order” in this country.
  4. Storing food and supplies-I believe it is best to store food and other supplies needed to survive especially in the times coming up.
  5. Gun ownership-I suggest getting a license to own a gun and owning one, just in case an intruder comes in your space and shoots you.
  6. Don’t openly talk about politics in public-It is best to keep quiet about the topic of politics and world affairs in public unless asked by co workers, classmates etc. If you are asked about politics, make sure your comment is short and undivisive as possible.

It is not an guarantee that everything I listed for Black female collective to do to survive will work for every Black woman. Some Black women live different lives from others. Some live in Black residential areas while others live in more affluent areas.And others live in different environmental and social circumstances from one another. However I do believe that some of these six things I listed will help enough Black women survive what is to come in a Trump administration than not. Though I believe not every Black woman will agree with me, I believe it is essential for an individual Black woman to look out for herself and her own best interests at heart.

In conclusion, I believe that Donald Trump’s presidency was in the works for a long time. Now, I believe that more Black women should start finding ways to adjust to the changes that is about to come. Having faux racial loyalty to the Black male and collective wouldn’t work out in the end because it will only get you in trouble or even killed. Why put my life on the line for a collective that wouldn’t do the same for me? That is why Sandra Bland and Korryn Gaines are dead. Save yourself the faux loyalty and morality and look out for yourself and yourself only!

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